The Difficulty of Reconstruction

Everyone you talk to today knows the System is broken. In my previous articles, I have outlined the degradation of every institution our Society has hitherto been supported on. The Enemy (not who you think), doesn’t care that the masses are waking up to the fact that something is really wrong in the world. He has divided us into racial, economic, and political camps so that the Great Unwashed ( the way the elite look at the 99% of us) are angry. We don’t trust… each other. The root source of all this strife goes unnoticed.

So Revolution and Upheaval are on their way. The four horsemen are preparing to ride. Blood will flow and graves will fill. For what? The coming storm is necessary, and even ordained. Where our difficulty is going to be is what Government comes after? When the survivors stick their collective heads out of their shelters, how do they restore order, reestablish the institutions like health care, education, worship, family, etc…?

The challenge now is we are all over the boards as a human race of how our world should be run. Among my own family, we consist of 2 socialists, a capitalist, a libertarian, and even a monarchist (myself). You can realize the difficulty our founding fathers had in crafting our constitution which, until recently, worked magnificently,

History is full of instances where bad kingdoms or governments were overthrown for something worse, (You can see this in Mubarak’s Egypt, Saddam’s Iraq, Or North Korea.) How do we as humans strive for something better to replace what clearly isn’t working? I sure don’t have a clue. The way it looks now is that the same Psychopaths that are running things now are planning to run things after the great upheaval. Will we as the masses accept this?

The challenge is that, in these days, we as individuals have changed to the point that we are unable to work together to come to any consensus whatsoever in what a post apocalyptic society should look like, As another famous writer once said, ”Without a vision, the people perish.” In this vacuum, the current elites have a pretty good chance of ending up on top once again. The likely alternative to this would appear to be a Mad Max scenario. (Road Warrior was the most interesting movie in this series) Every man for himself. Anarchy. Pretty stark.

The concept of Hope comes into play here. Not a pie in the sky grasping at straws hope. Something outside of ourselves. John Lennon missed it entirely with his song “Imagine”. Arthur C Clarke touched on it with the upcoming blockbuster “Childhood’s End”. In his Sci-Fi story, aliens from another planet rescue us. Close. But where do the Aliens come from? How did they learn?

I put to you another scenario. One that was written about ranging 3,000 to 2,000 years ago, by over 40 different authors. A kingdom where our hearts are necessarily transformed. Everyone in this kingdom has the same heart, the same goals. No sorrow, no pain, no tears. Only joy. And a race of humans doing what they were created for. One King forever. He will be a just King. All powerful. I said Lennon missed it entirely, but he did say one thing. “You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope (pray) someday you’ll join us”