The Revenge of Crazy Horse

Throughout history, people groups like the American Indian or Jews have been removed from their lands. Some, like the Etruscans or Aztecs have even been eradicated. It seems it is a normal course of history that a once thriving civilization diminishes, or even disappears. You might say that, up until the present day, it is inevitable, Rather than list every kingdom or country in history that has succumbed to oblivion, I would challenge you to come up with a nation or culture that has survived. The closest thing we as a Human Race has in a perpetual civilization is the culture of Ancient Rome or Greece. Most of you have been on the observer side of things, learning about extinct and lost civilizations.

Now, however, we as a nation have a chance to see this phenomenon taking place in real time, on television, and through our links to the worldwide web, What happened from 1609 to the 20th century to, say, the American Indian, is happening to the United States of America now. I suppose the title of this piece would give the Natives of this country some satisfaction that what comes around goes around.

We as Americans are being invaded by hostile armies as you read this. One of these armies, thousands of Syrian refugees, most of them peaceful and law abiding, (but a percentage are radicalized and violent) are being given cash, transport, and housing at the American taxpayers expense, and relocated across the nation. Cities such as Dearborn Michigan are transforming into Muslim enclaves, and are multiplying relentlessly. When a politician suggests a pause in allowing this flooding of immigrants, as Jimmy Carter did in the 70’s, or FDR in World War 2, he is vilified as a racist and Islamophobe.

As the Cheyenne brave saw a Conestoga wagon in his day, so we see another mosque, or Hijab clad woman in ours. When Red Cloud signed a treaty with the United States government, he was given promises to allow his people an unencumbered life “as long as the grass grows and the wind blows”. Our treaty with Iran, the “Red Line” in Syria, echoes the same double cross.

At one point in history, a critical mass with the influx of the white man was reached. By 1900, the great Indian nation was relegated to reservations. America started looking European as Manifest Destiny was realized. Today, Americans are told we have to be tolerant, and welcome this invading force. Our nation’s Attorney General has threatened prosecution if we even voice our dissent. Just as 150 years ago, we are being lied to, threatened, and forced to accept these new visitors.

At least I now can understand a little how Crazy Horse felt.

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