A Biblical Perspective of Donald Trump

The Big Story in political theater these days is the rise and popularity of Donald Trump’s campaign for the Presidency in 2016. Love him or Hate him, he dominates the news cycle like I haven’t seen since Ronald Reagan.

He seems to be a lightning rod, transcending traditional political camps.  Even Evangelicals are split into 2 sides in supporting or opposing his campaign. This is strange; a man who was married 3 times, has a foul mouth, comes off as sometimes arrogant, vain, and divisive, traits that are not normally associated with the Christian right… and yet he has a large following with them.

As is my habit, I turn to the Bible, to see if there is anything I can find in there that can help sort this phenomenon out. And here it is: 2 Kings 9-11. Read it a couple of times. Go back to Chapter 9 of 2 Kings to see the moral behavior of the Israeli government.

Now remember that the Bible has a lot of imagery embedded in it. We call them “types and shadows”. Most of these types in the Old Testament foreshadow things to come. Well, I believe this is a type and shadow of what’s going on today, albeit without as much bloodshed yet.

First, we see an Israeli government, once good and noble under King David, degenerating into corruption, division, and wickedness. Lets take the case of the king prior to this story, Ahab. Following his wife’s lead, he murders a man to get a garden he wants, with no immediate repercussions. The due process set forth in Mosaic Law is ignored. In addition, almost everyone in the general population is turning from the faith of their ancestors into religions of immorality, up to and including child sacrifice. Looking at the United States, we see a similar country, powerful, set up with generally noble principles, degenerating into a corrupt Washington DC.  We are a people abandoning the principles of our ancestors for the god of this corrupt government, giving us security (free stuff) in return for our freedoms. Like ancient Israel, there are only a few left who are willing to resist this erosion of society. (In biblical Israel we are told there were 7,000 out of millions.) But even a premiere Prophet of God, Elijah, runs from the wife of King Ahab and hides. This woman, Jezebel, had the reputation that justified his fear. She killed, lied to, seduced, and threatened anyone that got in her or her husbands way.

Along comes Jehu, a captain of the King’s guard,  Jehoram is the king.  Another Prophet of God, Elisha, is told by God to anoint Jehu as the new king. Now read about Jehu. He seems a little like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator. Jehu is single mindedly relentless in killing off hundreds of Ahab’s descendants throughout both nations of Judah and Israel. He does it through treachery and lies mostly, and by the end, every one of Ahab’s descendants is brutally dispatched. Jezebel is also killed in a rather violent and degrading fashion.

That is the story.  If you change Hillary for Jezebel,  Bill Clinton for Ahab, Trump for Jehu, The Washington Establishment for the  Sons of Ahab, and  all of us today for the nation of Israel, and you have a pretty good analogy. (This analogy has its limits, and the violence exhibited by the biblical main characters is toned down today.)

Now, look at the fear developing in the two Kings (Azariah of Judah and Jehoram of Israel), and their allies. They have never come up against such a relentless and fearless enemy as Jehu. Look at the Washington Establishment. They are in full panic mode seeing Trump win primary after primary. He seems to have one mission – to get elected and defeat the status quo. He is single minded and relentless. If we are looking for the hero in this story, neither Jehu nor Trump is it. But could it be that God is using Trump just as he used Jehu to invoke the beginnings of judgment on both parties in Washington, as well as the on corrupt federal bureaucracy, and eventually on us?

Incidentally, a possible minor type and shadow of the end times is in 2 Kings, 18-29. Jehu clears the temple of Baal of God’s people before he carries out his God-given assignment and massacres the Baal worshipers. Could this be a possible pre-trib rapture picture?

Can you see why some Evangelicals support Trump? In their eyes the government is so corrupt, so ruled by evil rulers, that drastic action is needed.  Many see a nation that is much more on the brink of Judgement than ever before.  They feel we need a leader who is unafraid of what the media, enemies, and his so called friends say about him.  Like the biblical story before, no one from God’s people has stepped forward and formed a following like Trump.   He is, as of now, immune to the political correctness enforcers.

Back to the story. On the surface, there is no real happy ending to this. After clearing out the corruption and wickedness, Jehu himself succumbs to Idol worship.  Israel gradually diminishes as a nation until they are conquered and dispersed by other empires.

Looking back at this story today, we can have hope. We know that around 300 years later, the Israelis return from their exile, never to worship false idols again. Then, around 500 years after that, Messiah returns to declare His Kingdom, and redeem His children by His death and resurrection. Sometime in the future from now, He will return again and be fully manifested as our King forever. Pretty good finish isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “A Biblical Perspective of Donald Trump”

  1. I drew the exact same comparison about 6 months ago. I finally decided to Google it to see if anyone wrote these biblical parallels down (Like you). It’s such a miracle that Trump has gotten this far now with ~25 days left until the election. This really is God’s history repeating itself. Tqhqw

  2. I also had this picture this week, drawing a parallel between Jehu and Trump. Hillary has always seemed to me to have a likeness to Jezebel. Now seeing what is unfolding makes so many things make sense. We need to pray for the outcome of this election.

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