A Hypothetical Question

From time to time We have all asked ourselves, “Why are things the way they are?” Its a natural tendency among us to question, and then gripe, about circumstances.  We all see unfairness, mainly in our own lives, occasionally in others as well, and wonder.

Maybe you think you could do better. Maybe if you had the chance, you could improve the “fairness” of your existence.  So what kind of universe would you create if you had the choice?  If you could make any universe, (assuming you wanted one) what would it look and act like?

Would the universe be finite or infinite?  Would it be simple or complex?  Would you include time, and would it be the same or different than our time?  Would you give the universe colors, and how would they compare to our universe? Would you have the concept of “beauty”?  How about stars and planets?  Galaxies?  Would you create gravity to hold things together?  And how about the other rules the universe would follow, like electromagnetics, quantum physics, chemistry, and the relationship abstract numbers have with each other?  What would all that look like in your world.  Would you make sunrise and sunsets magnificent, or mundane?  Would your planets be somewhat round, like our present universe, or do you prefer a different shape or form?  Would they consist of water, earth, rock, gas, taffy?  Come on, be creative.  You make the rules!

Once you got the framework of the universe created, what would you make life look like.  Or do you just want a beautiful universe without it?  Would your life be carbon based like ours?  What colors would you create?  Would your life be made up of the same elements your non organic creation consisted of?  Plants and animals?   Microscopic beings as well? How about if you could design each species?  How would they look? Would form follow function or would you just follow your whims of what each form life would take. And what temperature and humidity would they thrive in? And speaking of temperature and humidity, how would you regulate them once you decided.  How would the plants and animals acquire energy, and multiply.  You would probably need to design that into their structures.

Would each species have a life span, or would they live forever?

Now you would have an environment with gardens and pets,  How about that? You have made exactly what you want and how you want it.

Now what?  Wouldn’t you like to share your creation?  Wouldn’t you like to show someone how you create; your talents and abilities?  Wouldn’t you be proud of the universe you made?  Or would you just experience it for yourself forever, with no one else around.

Here’s an idea. Why not create a living creature, like the life you have already made, except with one distinction.  Why not make a creature that is self aware? Then it could share in the beauty that you created, and give you company as well. You could even design how it could communicate with you,  Would you give it language, music, art, a technological ability?  How much of your awareness and nature would you bestow on this creature?  What would its appearance look like if you wanted to commune with? How about looking like you?  Wow. The combinations are endless!

But wait!  We are at a crucial point in your universe, In order to more thoroughly share this “creation” with this last creature, how would you construct its nature, its essence?  Would it think like you?  Could it make judgments?  How else could you get an honest reaction from it about your creation?  Do you just want a creature to automatically act like a computer program, or do want an creature more like you, with higher desires than just survival?  Maybe give it some leeway in its self awareness, its thinking… a free will perhaps. Would this creature operate with strict limitations so as to always act like the rest of creation, or would it have autonomy, and to what degree?

I have asked a small amount of questions concerning the creation of what you would consider a “fair” universe.  There would be an almost infinite amount of decisions you would have to make to have a viable creation to even lead to a concept of fairness.

Now, look around at our universe. Our creator did very good wouldn’t you say? Could you really do better?  Could you even come close?

One thought on “A Hypothetical Question”

  1. Well stated. Makes us realize how small and incapable we are to create what God has created…to share with us for our pleasure and all to bring Him glory for who He is and what He does. I am so glad He allowed me to personally find Him.

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