Minnesota and Dallas

So Philando Castile is gunned down in his car in Minnesota, another in a well publicized series of African-Americans vs Police confrontations. The evidence is not all out, but it appears that this was a case of an innocent citizen being killed in an unjustified manner.  Last night in Dallas, during a protest of that killing, the numbers I saw were 10 police were shot, and 5 are dead. These are the most police deaths I can remember in my lifetime. More protests and killings are promised.
The time for action is NOW! Before the fear and anger start a conflagration we haven’t seen since the 60’s, and it may get worse than that.
There are a lot of “solutions” that can be considered. Increased police presence, speeches, more protests are the normal reactions.  Retribution will occur. Escalation will ensue. This course of events will be ineffective to calm the situation. The scars on both sides run too deep. There are real and perceived outrages to all.
What I KNOW we must do is turn to God. And not just any God. I KNOW that this is not going to be a war primarily between races or classes.  It will be and has always been a war between our Just and Loving Creator, and Lucifer, aka Satan. Satan is using his minions, both demonic and human, to stir up division, hatred, and fear. Against these weapons there is NO human defense. God has revealed this age old conflict to us throught History, and in His Holy Bible. He also said things would get worse exactly in the manner that we are reading about and watching on TV and the internet. “…And then the End shall come.”
All of us, beginning with the church, need to voice this, and that only God through the Holy Spirit, can stop this. We must use the weapons of prayer, forgiveness, and sacrificial love for all of our brothers and sisters, regardless of race or other superficial differences.  Nothing can stand against the weapons God has given us.  We need to unite as mankind, against the real enemy, that being the forces of the devil.  The redeemed, those of us accepting Christ’s forgiveness on the cross, need to vocally point to Jesus Christ as the only way out. Besides being vocal about pointing to God as our answer, we must all turn our faces to Him, and pray. God will ultimately defeat the forces of evil. He is giving us, the human race, the historical  opportunity once again, to pick the right side, not between Black and White, but between God and Satan. Lets don’t disappoint Him this time!
God have Mercy on us all.