Living in a Post Modern, Post Constitutional America

There is a prevailing meme that exists in conservative circles today. You can hear it on talk radio, Fox news, and blogs on the internet. The subject comes up in conversations as well. The meme basically asserts that this election is dire. That if Donald Trump doesn’t win the presidency, Hillary Clinton will appoint up to 5 Supreme Court Justices, and, among other actions she will take, this will result in us “losing our country”. Although I agree that a Hillary Clinton presidency would do harm to our constitutional republic, we are already past the point of no return. A Trump presidency might look different, but in the end, either way we will end up looking like a much different nation than we were say, 15 years ago.

When did our country reach the point in which there was no turning back? Historians can see several points in time where the argument could be made that we lost the idea, as De Tocqueville put it, “America is great because America is good.” Maybe you have a different concept when we, as a country, drove off the proverbial cliff. Here are mine.

  1. The takeover allowed colleges and seminary’s by liberal thinking. Mainly during the early 20th century, these institutions surrendered an orthodox Christian worldview to professors and administrators with a humanistic, and postmodern one. Doctrines such as the Trinity, Biblical inerrancy, Salvation by Grace Alone, the Deity of Christ, disappeared one by one. They were replaced with Higher Criticism (Biblical Errancy) and Relativism.
  2. These transformed schools, in turn, produced clergy and staff for the mainline Christian denominations. By the end of the 20th century, these denominations, (with a couple of exceptions) changed to the point where they are unrecognizable to what they were when they were founded. The graduates of the schools slowly but steadily eroded what the Church stood for. And the supposed “watchmen on the walls” let them do it.
  3. As a result of this upheaval, when prayer was taken out of our public schools in 1962, the tactical spiritual warfare involving kids shifted in favor of darker powers. The complexion of these k-12 schools changed drastically. And the church did very little. Instead of learning reading writing and arithmetic, new generations learned cultural relativism and “everyone gets an award”. Kids were and are taught conformity instead of critical thinking. Parents, for the most part, are quietly acquiescing.
  4. In 1973, Roe Vs Wade was passed, and close to 60 million babies have been sacrificed to the alter of convenience and personal freedom for the mother. The results of this law has led to many consequences, none of which have been beneficial to anyone except the abortionists.
  5. In 2008 we elected a president unlike any other in our history. Brought up and indoctrinated by Communists, raised with a hatred for American Traditions, and disdain for our allies. It was obvious for anyone to see what he meant when he said he wanted to “transform America”. He has been wildly successful. As I write this, our health care system is about to collapse, with all but a few exchanges closed down, and little choice for Americans as to their health care. Our military has been severely weakened by allowing radical command and personnel changes. We are in endless conflicts killing thousands of civilians all over the globe. Our national debt has tripled to over 17 trillion dollars. There are 94 million out of work adults in a country of roughly 300 million. Our congress and courts are allowing free reign to the rich and powerful to commit crimes with impunity. Anyone just voicing disagreement with the status quo finds their tax returns audited and their businesses harassed. The racial divide that has always existed in our country is stronger and more unsolvable than at any time in history. The church is still weakly voicing concern.

No my friends, we won’t lose our country due to this election. We have already lost it. The Constitution no longer exists. There are no Bill of Rights. The postmodernists that so well destroyed our churches and schools have completed the takeover of our courts. The people in charge of our institutions to guard against this takeover have been co-opted. We ourselves have succumbed to modern culture where the politician who promises us the most in worldly pleasure wins the most elections. The only question we have to ask ourselves is, when does our car that ran over the cliff crash into the ground?

3 women I have known

As I am in the habit of doing this, I have temporarily removed the log in my eye to observe the specks in others. My judgment mode has been temporarily disengaged.

Consider Sue, Mary, and Liz. It goes without saying the these are not their real names. All three have been close friends with each other for a decade.

First is Sue. Divorced. 3 daughters. Owns her own business. She is vivacious, (I don’t know exactly what that word means but I rarely get the opportunity to use it.) diligent, funny, and very smart. She is enjoyable to be around, and is easy to talk to. She is a wonderful hostess, and is sensitive to others. As to her spiritual life, she says she is a “Christian”. Presently, her concerns are her children and grand children, and her relationship with the new man in her life. Sue doesn’t want to get married, and just wants a partner to travel with and date. The man in her life wants the “whole hog” relationship of getting married and living life as one.

Next is Mary. Single all her life. Works in IT. Maybe the most intelligent of the three. Loves tradition, and celebrates with enthusiasm holidays and birthdays. Is gentle, generous, and comes through in a crisis. She was active in ballroom dancing a few years back, and her enjoyment of it was obvious. Her only family is a sister who lives in Michigan. Mary identifies herself as a Roman Catholic. Due to health issues, they can only contact each other by phone, letter, or email. Her dog is probably the closest to her. She has invested much money in keeping him healthy. At present she is not dating. Also, she he has a debilitating eye condition that impairs her driving.  Because of her introverted nature, she rarely has personal contact with friends or acquaintances.

Last is Liz. Liz is another divorced mother of 3 children. Devoted to them. Liz has sacrificed her time, wealth, and talents to see that they have been set up in life to succeed. She is very loyal, and has worked hard her whole life. If you ask her, Liz will tell you she is a christian. She has dated men since her divorce, but none of the relationships has gotten too serious. She laughs easily, and her laughter is contagious. Lately, her children have reached the point where they are becoming less dependent on her, and have all moved out. For the first time, Liz is alone. Some financial person has recently told her she doesn’t have enough money to survive retirement, and this has terrified her. She is presently in a radical downsizing period of her life.

Each of these women have locked themselves into a lifestyle choice that has, one way or another, restricted them from self growth, harmed their relationships, and caused them fear of the future. The interesting thing with them is they themselves have the log and speck way of looking at life.

Each woman can clearly identify what the other two’s issues are. They can see the damage the other two are allowing in their lives, as well as what the others can do to improve their situations. (The speck)   None of them either recognizes the reality of their own predicaments, much less would take the steps needed to change them. (The log)     As a result, Sue’s relationship with the present man is froth with arguments, breakups, and reconciliations. Mary is lonely, doesn’t socialize, and fears unemployment, isolation, and any change in her life whatsoever.     Liz intensely fears growing old with no money, and is making irrational decisions based on what someone who sells retirement plans told her.

We all deal with the same situations. It is natural to see the problems and solutions easier in other lives better than we can see in ourselves. Jesus told us this would happen. Fortunately there is a remedy to what all of us go through.

First, we can find and cultivate healthy relationships. Spouses, family, and close friends, are more than ready to point these things out to us (they have specks and logs as well,)

Second, we can utilize professional resources like counselors and pastors. Its amazing what professional training in the hands of a competent practitioner can see and do.  Additionally, I have found that books, particularly the Bible, can reveal harmful trends in my life and actions to avoid them.

The final key to being able to utilize what others see in your life is humility. You don’t have all the answers. Listening objectively, although tedious and painful, is the most effective way of overcoming your log.

Try it. When you are in a massive struggle in your life, look around and find the person that can give you an honest and correct appraisal. Listen. And be mindful no matter how ridiculous it sounds,